Our Vision

Higher Moon is an exclusive clothing line that is based on conceptual design and theory. The brand is consumed by outer-world elements and abstract messages. The founder's mission was to effectively convey his vision through art. Sources of art are inspired from the future, dreams, and the space above us. We understand the effects that over-saturation have on a brand, therefore limited releases and scarcity are a huge focus.  Living by a phrase that encourages elite thinking, Higher Moon is a superior clothing brand with a rooted meaning.


“Concepts Of The Future.”  — The expression that consumes us.  Our slogan illustrates a mindset of staying ahead of the game, envisioning outside the box, and foreseeing concepts in advance.  Anticipating the Future, will place you one step ahead and closer to your goals. As a brand, envisioning the bigger picture in fashion, allows us to always release exclusive gear, preserve originality and stay ahead creatively. 



The Lunar Kite Logo was the first logo developed, and is the root of what Higher Moon promotes. Representing the mindset of an elitist, the kite orbiting the moon symbolizes advanced theory and thinking outside the box.

The Phases Logo represents the cycle of life. Transitioning from progression to conflict, from climax to resolution, and then back around.